The Obidos Lagoon Wellness Retreat hotel accommodation in Portugal, has a “natural chic” interior design and offers a unique experience of comfort and elegance. Each suite apartment is tastefully decorated with shades of white and pastel colors creating a calm, relaxed haven of tranquility.

The Wellness Retreat is an adult friendly retreat, a place of peace and tranquility, with access limited to persons of minimum age 16.

Superior family & child friendly villas and apartments are available a short walk from the Obidos Lagoon Wellness Retreat. Families can enjoy the luxury of a private swimming pool, magnificent garden, fire-pit and outdoor dining area. Children can play in the comfort of a luxury home while their parents enjoy some time-out and indulge in the tranquility of the Wellness Retreat facilities.


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*Obidos Lagoon Annual "Hibernation" period from 27th October 2016 to the 6th February 2017



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Obidos Lagoon Wellness Retreat Hotel Accomodation in Portugal


​​​Obidos Lagoon Wellness Retreat hotel and spa,  is a new wellness experience to Portugal. A leisurely drive from Lisbon, the Obidos Lagoon Wellness Retreat is located in the old Quinta de Obidos forest estate wedged between the pristine Silver Coast beaches and the south shore of the ancient Obidos Lagoon.

“A Place for all Seasons” the hotel and spa is designed to experience nature in the best way possible regardless of the time of the year. The Obidos Lagoon Wellness Retreat wraps you in its warm embrace with a hot out-door sauna or Jacuzzi in the cold of winter or a cool swim in a giant salt-water pool in the heat of summer.  For those who are feeling energetic, take a short cycle or walk to the beach or a jog along the shores of the lagoon.

And for some natural healing, relax in our Himalayan salt cave, civilizations across Europe and Asia have known for centuries of the incredible healing powers of natural salt caves. We have recreated a salt cave with a combination of pink salt bricks extracted from deep in the Himalayas and white salt naturally extracted from the ancient Salinas de Rio Maior on the Silver Coast. The air within the cave is naturally saturated with negative ions and essential invigorating minerals. Sit back and relax while this miraculous mineral and the atmosphere it creates does the work for you. You will experience your throat and nasal passages becoming clearer, as the salt-laden air enters your respiratory system and naturally extracts positively charged impurities.

Pamper yourself with a revitalizing massage or tantalizing beauty treatment in the wellness retreat or in the privacy of your own room or maybe for those who want to be in touch with nature, an outdoor massage soothed by nature’s melody. Contact hotel reservations today to book your hotel and spa packages.